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Monster Lake Trout: YOUR TROPHY AWAITS!


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Lurking in the depths below, shadowy figures

cruise. Lakers attack their prey with alarming speed and strength. Their numbers great, these massive trout grow to unimaginable sizes. Can you reel one in?

Plummer's Record: 78.85 lbs, Great Bear Lake, Unofficial World Record

Lake Trout Adventures: Great Bear Lake Lodge, Great Slave Lake Lodge, Trophy Lodge, and Neiland Bay Lodge.



Husky sr.: This classic spoon design by Eppinger remains a highly effective trolling lure. Silver, blue, chartreuse, orange and pink spoons have all been productive. Other spoons we recommend are Half Waves and Ruby Red Eyes.

Flatfish T-60: The 6" design has been one of the most consistently productive lures for 50 years. Orange and chartreuse work best.


Rod: There are a couple of choices here for fishing for large lake trout on these lakes. The first is to use a heavy flipping stick or light musky rod in the 6.5-7 foot range with 17-20 lb mono filament. This leaves the ‘give’ in the line but you will need to be very responsive on the reel due to the lack of give in the rod. The other option is a longer, slightly softer rod with braided line putting the ‘give’ in the rod and putting more control in the hands of the angler.

Reel: Depending on your decision on the rod and line, a spinning or baitcasting reel that will accommodate 100 meters of the line you choose and be mechanically sound enough to support the pound test.

Line: 100 meters of braided 50-100 pound test or 17 -20 pound test monofilament according to rod selection above.


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