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Not Your Average Day at the Office

Business leaders from around the world have trusted Plummer’s Arctic Lodges to provide unique and memorable client-relationship and teambuilding excursions for over 75 years. As the landscape around corporate retreats has shifted with the times, Plummer’s has remained a destination of choice.

Whether you are looking to reward high performers, impress existing or prospective clients, celebrate wins, or integrate remote working groups, our lodges and staff are equipped to help maximize the value of your event.

It’s difficult to describe the Plummer’s experience in a few short points, but some key aspects flagged by past business groups include:

  • the pleasure of visiting an untouched, pristine, and remote landscape;
  • the satisfaction of learning a new set of skills;
  • the challenge of expanding your comfort zone in a safe and comfortable way;
  • the joy of eating “lake-to-table” shore lunch, with fish caught yourself and prepared by professional guides (our group/team lunches are legendary!) in an otherwise sustainable, catch-and-release fishery; and
  • forming meaningful bonds and memories through it all.

While all our properties have hosted corporate retreats over the years, our Great Slave Lake Lodge is particularly well-suited due to the availability of shorter trips (3-, 5-, and 7-day trips) and efficiently timed charter flights.

We’re thrilled to offer Starlink internet service at each of our lodges, with full connectivity, available 24/7 (the sun doesn’t set, after all). If necessary, you can put out fires in the evening… but, ideally, you’re sending fish photos to jealous friends and family back home.

Please contact our office for details on the corporate pricing and packages we can offer.


Your Corporate Adventure Awaits at

Plummer's Great Slave Lake Lodge


Repeat Business

How many company meetings have you attended that you’ve never forgotten? How many of those meetings truly brought the team together in a once-in-a-lifetime setting, where everyone could be successful and celebrate in that success with each other, coming out of it stronger – as individuals, a team and a company? The first time I took my Management Team to Plummer’s Arctic Lodges, I asked them at the end of the trip where they would like to go the following year… There was no hesitation, and it was unanimous - “We’re going back to Plummer’s Great Slave Lake!” We did.

“A single arrow is easily broken. But not 10 in a bundle” – proverb

Patrick Cummings
CEO, Ipsos MMA

Image Image

18 times and counting

“Whether you are looking for a family and friends fishing experience or corporate experience, you will find none better on the face of the earth than what you will have at Plummer’s Lodge, Great Slave Lake. Since 2000, the Missouri Bankers Association has sponsored eighteen trips to Plummers Great Slave, with over 500 people attending…many, year-after-year. We always say it’s like going home!! Food, Fun, Family, Friends, Fellowship and Big Fish are always there for us!”
Max Cook

Sales Bonus

Every other year since 2001, we’ve brought our top salesmen & women to Plummer’s Lodge at Great Slave Lake to enjoy an incredible team-building opportunity. Going to Plummer’s is more than just a fishing trip… It’s a fishing experience that combines a world-class fishery with incredible landscapes and wildlife. More importantly, it’s provided an opportunity for our employees to build and strengthen relationships, recharge their batteries, and give them something to look forward to every two years. I cannot think of a better way to motivate my best employees, and there’s no doubt that our Plummer’s trip is a huge reason why we enjoy such high retention rates with our best sales personnel!

Alex Wish


3 Day Refresh

Took the entire company out on a quick 3-day fishing trip the last week of June. It ended up being exactly what our company needed. Good fishing, awesome guides, and great food!
Wayne Wolfe