Tree River Lodge


Tree River Lodge

World-Record Arctic Char

Tree River Lodge

World-Record Arctic Char

Enjoy Tree River's majesty & beauty as you fish the world's largest arctic char.
Fly-out excursion like no other
An "oasis in the arctic"
World record char!
Rugged and beautiful

As you peer out the window at the raging Tree River while enjoying the freshly baked dinner roll along side your turkey dinner, and knowing you are a mere handful of miles from the Arctic coast, you will feel as though you have a sense of heaven. The Tree River has been proclaimed by many of our guests as a life changing experience. There is something quite magical about the place and in addition to its majesty and beauty is the fact that it produces the largest Arctic Char in the world. The lodge and amenities are quite simple compared to our main lodges and this compliments the surroundings. Fishing is done from shore and both fly and spin fishing are successful. We have boats on the river to move fishers from place to place but the hiking opportunities to some pools are quite worth the effort.


  • Fly-out excursion like no other
  • An "oasis in the arctic"
  • World record char!
  • Rugged and beautiful


  • August 17 to 24, 2024
  • August 16 to 23, 2025


The Tree River is accessed as an overnight side trip from Great Bear Lake Lodge. During your seven-day Great Bear Lake Lodge trip, you will fly in our Turbine Otter float plane to the Tree River. You’ll be scheduled to be departing at nine am and returning to Great Bear the following day around three pm. You will spend about 24 hours at our Tree River Outpost.

The only option for two nights at the Tree River is in August, during week six and seven of the season, on the “Fly Fishing Package” (You do not have to fly fish to take part in this package).

Tree River overnight side trip from Great Bear Lake Lodge, $1,500 USD.

Tree River Exclusive:

This is a five-day trip at the Tree River that takes place at the end of August. The trip is still seven days, with the remainder of the time at Great Bear Lake Lodge. Space is extremely limited in this trip and usually has about a three-year waiting list. Non-refundable deposits are required to be added to the list.

$8,995 USD/person (2024 price – price TBD in 2027)

Prices exclude shop purchases, license, liquor, soda pop, gratuities and tax (5% G.S.T.). We will of course, make every effort to ensure that your trip proceeds on schedule, but air travel in the North can have unpredictable delays, and we cannot be held responsible for any extra costs incurred due to uncooperative weather, airplane issues, forest fires or other unforeseen acts of God.