The Tree River Bistro

Plummers tree river camp bistro

Reposted from: Great Bear Lake Outdoors Written by: Harold Ball Anyone reading this who has either heard about, or been fortunate enough to visit the Tree River in Nunavut, is likely of the view that this little piece of heaven on earth is justifiably famous for both its breathtaking natural beauty and the world’s biggest Arctic Char. And while those are … Read More

The Ultimate Fly Fishing Experience At Plummer’s Arctic Lodges

Fly fishing in the Northwest Territories

Fly fishing Great Bear Lake is nothing like any other experience one can imagine. The 30,000 square km lake has so much to offer whether you’re a trophy hunter, or a purist. Fly fishing may not be the most popular method to fish her waters, but of recent people who have tried have been greatly rewarded with an array of … Read More

31th Annual Dental Seminar: July 2 – 9, 2023


31st Annual Dental Seminar at Trophy Lodge on Great Bear Lake July 2-9, 2023 ( June 30 – July 7, 2024) Dr. Terry Donovan and Dr. Dave Hall will be hosting the 31st annual Dental Seminar on Great Bear Lake. Participants will earn continuing education credits in the remote reaches of Great Bear Lake. Your spare time will be spent catching … Read More

2023 Family Week at Great Bear Lake: July 29 – Aug 5

Chummy Plummer - Plummer's Lodges-3

18th Annual Family Week on Great Bear Lake July 29th – August 5th, 2023. ( July 21 – July 27, 2024) When we started this special week at Great Bear we expected to see parents, grandparents, uncles and aunts bringing their kids, grandkids, nieces and nephews. What has been most surprising is the number of kids and grandkids bringing their … Read More

One Man, Two Weeks, Two World Records

Meet Frank Bluch. Frank is one of our guests that hail from Australia. For the last two years Frank has decided to spend two weeks with us up at Great Bear Lake and Tree River. If you have been with us when Frank has been in camp or even the week before he comes or the week after he has … Read More