The Ultimate Fly Fishing Experience At Plummer’s Arctic Lodges

February 26, 2018

Fly fishing in the Northwest Territories

Fly fishing Great Bear Lake is nothing like any other experience one can imagine. The 30,000 square km lake has so much to offer whether you’re a trophy hunter, or a purist. Fly fishing may not be the most popular method to fish her waters, but of recent people who have tried have been greatly rewarded with an array of experiences which are truly unforgettable!

As long as the temperatures are right, every piece of infinite structure the lake has to offer holds fish. Take the time and be patient. Work everything, from nymphs under indicators in the beautiful rocky island Narkeys for our gorgeous Redfin variety, to a fast presented 12-18” streamer along a guide preferred shoal in hopes for a behemoth Grey!Arctic-Fly-Fishing-Flies

Doesn’t really matter what your catching at Great Bear Lake, it’s going to be special! Backing is regularly seen, jaws consistently dropped and the feeling of, “Oh Man!” is something us guides see on a daily basis with any guest that’s up for the challenge of loading the rod with extra strong tippet and a wet sock off a fly!

The Grayling fishing at Great Bear is arguably the best in the world. After fishing multiple countries throughout Europe and various spots in North America, I can honestly say Great Bear takes the cake again. Nothing compares to the incredible beauty of the waterfalls at the Sulky River or the raw open tundra and remoteness at the Horton River. Our Grayling average between 16-20” and frequently seen larger. All of which are attainable on dry flies, nymphs, and small streamers. It’s a fly fishing paradise that’s unpressured and wild! Hundreds of fish can be caught daily, and the chance at records are possible with every cast!

Plummer's-Fly-Fishing-FliesIf that wasn’t exciting enough, or if your looking for a true challenge of both endurance and skill, the Tree River is the answer. The Holy Grail of Arctic Char fishing! Swinging streamers through fast moving shallow water in hopes to catch the legendary tree river char. The fight is comparable to Chinook Salmon. The rewarding feeling you get when you see a bright red male do flips, jumping clear out of the water with your fly in his yap. It’s a magical but very challenging place. The Tree river is the most advanced fishery I’ve personally ever fished. Tests even the best anglers, but also gives up the greatest rewards in a place so incredibly beautiful. Char range in sizes anywhere from 5-15lb, but many are caught at The Tree larger than that each summer. The experience is a once in a lifetime on a fly rod, and any accomplishments can be credited to the skill and patience of the angler. Take the time and work the water. A dream fish is sitting in almost every pool.

Fly fishing is the new age of angling. With new innovations coming out constantly The larger variety Lakers are becoming easier to attain and target with flies. Our guides all have their specialties, and I promise we all thrive and live off the hunt for big Lake Trout, Grayling, and Char. To come to Plummer’s with a fly rod is an experience like no other. And The Bear, herself, will treat anyone who puts in the effort to catch some her legendary fish. An adventure that only starts at Plummer’s Arctic Lodges.

Hug and Release!
Josh “Jelly” Gelinas