The World’s Greatest Fishing on Great Bear Lake – David Webb

Great Bear Lake Offers a Fishing Experience Like None Other: Angling for Massive Lake Trout on the Arctic Circle; the most remote fishing I had yet experienced.

In This Fishing Article You Will Discover:

  • How to Fish on Great Bear Lake
  • The Story of the Largest Lake Trout Ever Caught
  • What To Expect While Fishing on The Arctic Circle

Of all the people I met while fishing in Canada’s Arctic, I will remember Aivars the best. This Midwestern-US radiologist is a man possessed. Obsessed. The quintessential Old Man and the Sea — er… Lake.

Aivars caught and released the World Record Lake Trout while fishing on Great Bear Lake in 2000, a behemoth weighing in at an expertly estimated 78.85 pounds… Read More