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Plummer's Arctic Lodges is a popular destination for Toronto fishing trips. Avid anglers will fish trophy lake trout, arctic char, and arctic graylingGetting to Plummer's on Great Bear Lake is fairly straightforward. Guests staying at Plummer's will fly to Yellowknife from Toronto. You will depart Yellowknife on a Saturday morning, and will return to Yellowknife the following Saturday around mid-afternoon. Most major airlines fly into Yellowknife through Calgary or Edmonton, and we would be happy to help you arrange the first leg of your trip to Yellowknife.

Once you arrive in Yellowknife, you will be met at the airport by a Plummer's staff member. They will ensure that you get to your accommodations and provide you with exact plans for the morning fly out to Great Bear Lake.

On Saturday morning, a shuttle will take you from your hotel to the charter terminal for your flight to Great Bear Lake Lodge or Trophy Lodge. These charters typically depart Yellowknife mid-morning, arriving at the lodges around noon. Guests for Arctic Circle will go to Great Bear Lake Lodge, be served lunch and then board a float plane for Arctic Circle Outpost. Guests for Plummer's Trophy Lodge will go directly from Yellowknife to Trophy Lodge. 

There are no flights on Saturday morning from the south that will connect with our charters, so you must arrive in Yellowknife from Toronto on Friday.

Getting to Plummer's Lodges from Toronto

  1. You will book a flight for your party from the Toronto Pearson International Airport to the Yellowknife Airport, via Calgary or Edmonton, for a Friday arrival. This is usually booked through WestJet or Air Canada. The staff at Plummer's would be happy to help you plan your flights to Yellowknife, Northwest Territories. You will book a hotel room in Yellowknife as you will depart for Great Bear Lake or Great Slave Lake on Saturday.
  2. A Plummer's Lodge representative will meet you at the Yellowknife Airport as you arrive from Toronto, Ontario and provide you all the information about your Saturday itinerary for your charter flight to Plummer's Arctic Lodges.
  3. On Saturday morning, a shuttle will take you from your hotel to the charter terminal.
  4. We will likely depart mid-morning, arriving at the Plummer's around noon. Note: Guests for Arctic Circle will go through Great Bear Lake Lodge, be served lunch and then take our float plane to the Arctic Circle. Guests for Trophy Lodge will go directly from to Trophy Lodge via the charter flight.
  5. Anglers visiting Tree River Lodge will do so through Great Bear Lake Lodge.
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Plummers Fishing Lodge Arctic Char