Arctic Char

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Under the pristine blue rapids and rifles of Tree River, massive green-back Char skulk. As they negotiate the current, scouring for food, one might stumble upon your irresistible fly and take it for a run.

What You Need To Know


Pixie: One-ounce spoons in red, pink, orange or chartreuse are highly recommended. The Pixie spoon has been the most popular.

White Jig: 3/4- to one-ounce white rubber-tailed or polar bear hair jigs have provided plenty of great Arctic Char action.

Rocket Devle: Colourful low gauge spoons by Eppinger are must in the Arctic Char arsenal.


RodYou will be casting for char so that is one very important element to the rod selection. A stiff trolling rod will not serve well for fishing char. A medium heavy weight; medium fast or fast action rod at a length of 7 to 8.5 feet is ideal.
Reel: A spinning or baitcasting reel that will accommodate 100 meters of line  and be mechanically sound enough to support the pound test. Spend the time with your guide inspecting the reel for mechanical fitness BEFORE you wind up with a 20lb char on and heading for the fast water!
Line: 100 meters of 20-30 pound test monofilament will provide the most success for hook ups, help prevent snags on bottom (with the bowstring release technique) but will require you to be ready to move quickly after your char.

Plummer's Record

32 lb 9 oz
Tree River

Arctic Char Adventures

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Getting There
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Rod: 8-10 weight singe hand, 7-8 weight spey/ switch
Line: high-density sink-tip, floating with weighted flies or poly-leaders, 

Flies: Streamers: sized 1 to 6 Dolly Llama, Mickey Finns, Black-nosed Daces, Wooly Buggers, Rabbit Strip leeches, Muddler Minnows, Zonkers, Green Ghosts, Popsicle, Intruders in black, red, yellow, orange, pink, white, chartreuse, purple. Egg patterns or beads in soft orange, orangey-yellow.

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