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Plan Your Trip to Plummer’s Arctic Lodges

Great Bear Lake Lodge, Trophy Lodge

Getting to our lodges on Great Bear Lake is very straight forward, and we are here to help make sure your travel goes smoothly. Guests going to Great Bear Lake Lodge or Arctic Circle Outpost will depart Yellowknife in the morning, and will return to Yellowknife the following week around mid-afternoon. Guests going to Trophy Lodge will depart Yellowknife on Sunday morning, and will return to Yellowknife the following Sunday around mid-afternoon. Special arrangements can be made by emailing or calling the office and usually involve an additional air charter cost. You will need to travel from your home to Yellowknife to begin the trip. For most, this can be done in a single day of travel. For those living outside North America, or those wishing to have more leisurely travel days, two days may be necessary. Several major airlines fly into Yellowknife from Calgary, Alberta and Edmonton, Alberta. Please accept our assistance in planning the trip to Yellowknife.

Once you arrive in Yellowknife, you will be met at the airport by one of our staff. We will ensure that you get to your hotel and outline for you how the morning departure for Great Bear Lake will go.

On departure morning, a shuttle will take you from the hotel to the charter terminal for your flight to Great Bear Lake Lodge, Arctic Circle Outpost or Trophy Lodge. These charters typically depart Yellowknife mid-morning, arriving at the lodges around lunch time. Guests for Arctic Circle will go to Great Bear Lake Lodge, be served lunch and then board a float plane for Arctic Circle. Guests for Trophy Lodge will go directly from Yellowknife to Trophy Lodge.

There are no flights arriving early enough from down south that will connect with our morning charters, so you must arrive in Yellowknife on the day/night before.

Tree River Lodge

Getting to Tree River Lodge can be done most easily via the main lodge on Great Bear Lake. Over 90% of the guests that visit Tree River Lodge do so as a side trip for a night or two from Great Bear Lake Lodge. When visiting the Tree River this way, the trip begins at the lodge on Great Bear Lake one morning during your week stay. After breakfast and a good weather report we fly groups of guests to Tree River to fish for Arctic Char, experience the Arctic coast, and spend a night or two where few ever have.

Great Slave Lake Lodge

Great Slave Lake Lodge can be visited for 3 days, 4 days or 7 days. All the trips begin in Yellowknife; you need to arrive in Yellowknife the day before your trip to coordinate with our early-morning charters into the lodge. Both the 7 day and 4 day trips begin on Monday. Your charter will depart from Yellowknife around 6:30 am and arrive a half an hour later for breakfast at the lodge and a full day of fishing. Those staying for 4 days will fly back to Yellowknife early Friday morning. If all you have time for is the 3 day trip weekend trip, it starts early Friday morning and you are flown back to Yellowknife early Monday morning. You should be able to leave Yellowknife the day you leave the lodge, as you will be back in town mid morning.

No matter which lodge you decide to visit, we will assist you with making the most sensible travel arrangements and hotel bookings. We have staff in Yellowknife to help you plan the time you have in Yellowknife so you can take in local attractions, and they will also make sure you get to where you need to be when you need to be there.

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