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Book your trip today - "The #1 Fishing Destination in North America" - Field & StreamIf you are looking for the best place to go lake trout fishing, then look no further.  Plummer's Arctic Lodges has been offering the best lake trout fishing for over sixty years, on Great Bear Lake and Great Slave Lake.  We offer lake trout fishing trips that no other fishing lodge can compare to.  From the completely pristine waters of Great Bear Lake Lodge, with no other boats for over 150 miles, to the non-stop trophy lake trout fishing with in sight of the lodge on Great Slave Lake, there is no way to fairly compare us to any other operator.  There is a reason why we are the longest running fishing operation in the North, and there is a reason why we hold all the World Records for Lake Trout, Arctic Char, and Arctic Grayling.  If you haven't already been to one of our lodges, chances are you know someone who has.  Don't put it off until next year.. Welcome to Plummer's Arctic Lodges.

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