One Man, Two Weeks, Two World Records

Meet Frank Bluch. Frank is one of our guests that hail from Australia. For the last two years Frank has decided to spend two weeks with us up at Great Bear Lake and Tree River. If you have been with us when Frank has been in camp or even the week before he comes or the week after he has … Read More

When is the best time to catch trophy lake trout on Great Bear Lake?

Trophy Lake Trout Fishing

A guide’s perspective on one of the most frequently asked questions at Plummer’s By Craig Blackie Anyone who knows anything about trophy lake trout knows that Great Bear Lake produces the largest trout in the world. So it’s no surprise that anglers want to know when they have the highest odds of catching that fish of a lifetime. Unfortunately, there’s … Read More

Presenting your fly to the char

Plummers Fishing Lodge Arctic Char

Every autumn I am compelled to reflect on my summer at Tree River and compare the good days to the bad ones. Contrary to popular belief, I spend a considerable amount of time in the off season weighing the good days against the bad ones looking for answers to the question “Why the fish weren’t biting?” John Hazel, veteran steelhead … Read More

Tree River Goes Single Barbless

In 2001, Plummer’s Arctic Lodges made a wise decision to go catch and release with the exception of lunch fish to ensure the continuity of world class and world record fishing in our waters.  This step forward was also marked by other conservation measures including using barbless hooks.  This year, Tree River went one step further and recommended guests switched … Read More

Arctic Char: Salvelinus With Attitude

Plummers Fishing Lodge Arctic Char-9

Arctic char are a truly amazing species of sport fish that few anglers have had the pleasure of pursuing. This is unfortunate since they are every bit as worthy a target as Atlantic salmon and steelhead. With the most brilliant spawning coloring of any freshwater fish, char are a hard-fighting fish and excellent sport on a fly rod. They jump … Read More