One Man, Two Weeks, Two World Records

Meet Frank Bluch.

Frank is one of our guests that hail from Australia. For the last two years Frank has decided to spend two weeks with us up at Great Bear Lake and Tree River. If you have been with us when Frank has been in camp or even the week before he comes or the week after he has left, odds are you have heard about him. He is a character that creates a buzz in camp and it is largely because of his personality and sense of humour but what will not go unnoticed is his tireless pursuit of World Records. His dedication to this chase has proven very fruitful for Frank. During the 2009 season Frank accomplished three World Records for various line class records landing on fly rod an Arctic Char on 12 lb tippet that weighed 17 lbs at Tree River, an Arctic Char that weighed 7 lbs at the Coppermine River and an Arctic Grayling on 2 lb tippet that weighed 3 lb 12 oz on Great Bear Lake. These records have all been made official now with IGFA but before the ink dries on that record book page there have been some changes.

Frank was able to break another record on his first day up at Great Bear Lake this summer quite unexpectedly. While fishing to possibly improve his 2 lb tippet record for Grayling, Frank hooked an unbelievable 31 lb trout on the fly with 2 lb tippet. The fight went on for around four hours before he could finally tease the giant into shore to be netted. This will put Frank in the record book again for lake trout but because they don’t publish the runner-up, when he broke his own record at the Tree River for Arctic Char on two pound tippet a few days later with a 17lb Arctic Char all we can say about that is, ‘Frank, you’ve outdone yourself!’